Terms and Conditions


These are the terms and conditions that apply when you use Pest Control Services. They apply to all work that is carried out under a quotation or verbal agreement and form part of any service agreement we have with you. By using our services, you are accepting our terms and conditions. We may prior to any work being initiated reserve the right to conduct a credit file check and/or reference check.
We ask you to please advise if you have any queries regarding out terms and conditions.
Our charges

  • Our charges are what we have agreed when you accepted our quote or under our service agreement with you. If we have done the work following a call-out or by verbal request, our costs will be based on a reasonable market rate.


  • You will be liable to pay Pest Control Services standard hourly rate for any wasted visits such as where you have not kept an appointment or for time lost which are a result of your failure to allow access, or provide proper instruction on access or late cancellations.


  • Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice


  • All costs of collection incurred in the recovery of overdue funds, including but not limited to debt recover charges, late payment penalties, and legal fees will be added to the balance of your account/invoice. Recovery collection cost may be up to 40.35% on the gross amount outstanding.


  • You may in addition incur a late payment fee of 10% on the gross amount outstanding on any late payments including any disbursements.


  • You will provide access for Pest Control Services personnel so we can carry out our services at any reasonable time or on specified times and dates we have agreed to.


  • You will provide the facilities at the premises such as access to electrical connections and water that we may reasonably require carry out our services.
    Obligations Relating to Rented Equipment


  • Equipment, (such as bait traps), supplied under rental agreement or supplied by us during the delivery of our services will remain the property of Pest Control Services at the end of the job or once our service agreement with you has ended (unless we have agreed to other arrangements in writing).


  • You will contact us as soon as possible if any fault occurs in the equipment we have supplied so we can fix it immediately and we will conduct any repairs necessary to keep the equipment in good working order. The costs of repairs or replacement of equipment damaged by you may be charged to you in full.


  • Pest Control Services will remove the equipment at the end of the job or service agreement and for this purpose you will provide reasonable access to enable us to do this.


  • Pest Control Services will exercise all reasonable care in removing its property from any premises but will not be responsible for restoring walls and services of those premises to their original state.


  • Any notice to be given to Pest Control Services under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be emailed to 080099pest@gmail.com.
    Entire Agreement


  • This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the you Customer and us, Pest Control Services.