Warrant of Fitness

Warrant of Fitness

Attain inspection of Warrant of fitness for your light vehicles

Driving a personal vehicle on the road is a matter of comfort and pride. Hence, you must not make an attempt of falling into the custody of legal jurisdictions. Driving a light vehicle on the roads of Wellington without a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) sticker is illegal. Each and every vehicle owner must pass the inspection of WOF for being on the safe side. If founded guilty by the law, the owner gets liable for paying a fine.

What is a Warrant of Fitness?

The WOF inspection is a regular check that is conducted for learning about the current condition of the light vehicle. This measure is taken for ensuring the safety of the individual driving the vehicle. When the vehicle matches up to the safety standards, it receives a WOF sticker making it eligible for running on the roads of Wellington.

Employ my service for attaining the legal sticker

Whenever, you are up to the mind of inspecting your light vehicle get in touch with me, Navin. I, offer a professional way of Warrant of Fitness inspection to all my clients. Capital Mobile Mechanical Limited (CMML) is a trusted name in the field of offering quality services. My service is second to none as I have been working in the field for over a long period of time.
After the inspection, if the light vehicle failed to attain the certification I would personally point down the points. The details would be shared on the spit and effective repairing actions would be taken if requested by the client.

Why choose my service?

  • The WOF inspection is held at a lower rate as compared to others

  • Enjoy a rapid, hassle-free, professional and convenient inspection

  • My service is rendered directly by visiting your premise

  • Cost-effective service for supreme level performance

  • Gain instant repairing solutions to the conditions