Certificate of Fitness

Certificate of Fitness

Certificate of Fitness for ensuring functionality of heavy vehicles

Driving a vehicle on the busy streets with caution must be the prime concern of an individual. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for all the vehicle owners to pass the COF inspection. The COF or Certificate of Fitness is a safety measure that denotes the vehicle being driven is in a fit and functional condition.

What is a Certificate of Fitness?

The COF is a regular inspection of the current condition of the heavy vehicles (generally meant for commercial purposes) being driven by individuals. The checking ensures the proper functioning of the vehicle for enjoying a safe drive on the roads of Wellington.

Get the heavy vehicle passed the COF inspection

Capital Mobile Mechanical Limited (CMML) is now offering the Certificate of Fitness for various heavy vehicles running on the roads of Wellington. I, Navin Reddy offer the service of inspecting your heavy vehicles coming at your premise. If the vehicle somehow didn’t get matched up to the standards set, I could offer the assistance.
With immediate and necessary actions to be taken, your heavy vehicle would be repaired for getting a COF. I have been in the field for years and assure of offering quality work. Get in touch with me for ensuring the safety of your life and the vehicle.

Some good reasons for hiring my service

  • Individuals can enjoy a hassle-free service of getting the vehicle inspected

  • My service could also be hired for a regular inspection of personal vehicles

  • I could save the time of driving vehicle to other inspection locations

  • The COF inspection is conducted at a low cost with professionalism

  • All the repairing works are executed at a nominal service charge

  • I offer a friendly and convenient service to all the clients