Q.1)  What if my car breakdown midway on the road?

A)  If you ever come across a situation where the car breaks down on the road you can contact me. I render quality service by instantly sorting out the problem on the spot. You can drive back the car after repair without wasting any more time.

Q.2)  How often can I contact you for WOF?

A)  Generally, the Warranty of Fitness inspection can be executed at any point of time as per the interests of the vehicle owner. But, for keeping the light vehicle‘s in the standard condition, it’s best that my service be hired at least after a period of six months.

Q.3)  How can I reach out to you instantly at the time of an emergency?

A)  Falling into an emergency condition could make an individual feel stressed out. But, you can stay calm and composed as I also deliver emergency services. Drop me an email or get in touch with me over the contact number displayed on the website. I’ll be there for rendering service.

Q.4)  What is the quality of material used for vehicle repairing works?

A)  I have only the best interest of clients at the back of my mind. Hence, you could stay assured of obtaining high quality service by the application of premium quality materials and vehicle parts. Over the years, that I have been in the business, I have never compromised on quality.

Q.5)  What kind of services can be expected from you?

A)  At Capital Mobile Mechanical Limited, you can expect a wide range of vehicle related services. I offer COF inspection and repair, WOF inspection and repair, Breakdown services, other mechanical repairs, and other services. All the services are rendered in a short span of time with excellence and at a reasonable rate.