Offering One Of The Best Repairing Service For Your Car

Your car is obviously a precious possession for you and no one would like to have any trouble with it. But, the vehicles are supposed to get damaged or broken down at certain point of time, what should you do then? Of course, visiting a perfect mechanic is generally done by the owners and keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to provide the people in Wellington and Surrounding areas with a genuine and dedicated car repair service.

Hi, this is Navin and it’s been years that I’ve been offering all sorts of repair and certification work for all types of heavy and light and even regular vehicles. It’s my passion and all you need to do to hire my service is contact me with the details. Whether it is the requirement of CoF or WoF, painting, dent repair or any other thing, you can get in touch with me. Even if you need quotation for any service for your car, feel free to contact me and have the job done.

What You Would Get Here

We offer full service auto repair & maintenances

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Preventative Maintenance

Prevent your vehicle from any probable damage and breakdown with my service

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Common Repairs

Looking for common repairs of your car, you are at the right place to have the job done

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Brake Repair & Service

It is important to keep the brakes of your car okay all the time, get things fixed by me

Find The Best Emergency Service For Your Vehicle As Well

You never know when some emergency comes for your car, however, even if you meet any, you can call me anytime with the details. I am available 9pm to 10am for emergency breakdowns repair. You can hire my service in Wellington and all the surrounding areas. Capital Mobile Mechanical Limited is always there for you for any car repair needs.

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